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"Know Yourself and Your Opponent, and You Will Never Be Imperiled" - A Chronicle of Highland Academy of Canada Students Attending the Ontario University Fair

Coco Gao

Another application season has arrived, and the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC) platform will open on Monday, October 3, when students will start selecting their interested majors and submitting applications. To help graduates understand various university programs and better prioritize their choices, Highland Academy of Canada's juniors and seniors participated in the Ontario University Fair (OUF) on October 1, under the school’s organization and advice.

The Ontario University Fair (OUF), hosted by the Ontario Universities’ Council on Admissions, which includes prestigious Ontario universities such as the University of Toronto and the University of Waterloo, as well as OUAC, is an exhibition designed to provide students (especially recent graduates) with a valuable opportunity to explore universities, finalize their choices, and familiarize themselves with the application process through face-to-face interactions with university admissions offices, alumni, and professors. The fair annually attracts tens of thousands of students, parents, and educators and marked its first in-person event since the pandemic this year.

The venue was bustling with activity. Students sought out booths of universities they were interested in and had one-on-one consultations with representatives about their concerns, including academic strengths, graduate employment fields, past admission rates, campus life, and language proficiency requirements.

In addition to discussions, various universities also provided free viewbooks to help students gain a deeper understanding of the vibrant university campus life.

“It’s absolutely thrilling,” said a parent attending the event, “I’m excited to see students and parents from around the world, with different languages, habits, accents, and attire, all gathered together for education and the future. Everything here reflects how families value education, how parents encourage their students, and how Canadian education is reaching out to the entire world.”

As a representative of one participating school mentioned, "Our school is small, but it is a big world." By increasing knowledge and expanding horizons, such exhibitions are highly motivational for students, and it is hoped that they will continue to participate enthusiastically in similar events in the future. Finally, best wishes to this year's graduates for satisfactory application results.


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