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2023 Highland Academy of Canada Christmas Party

Rowena Lin

As 2023 was drawing to a close, the teachers and students of Highland Academy of Canada gathered to host the 2023 Highland Christmas Party, celebrating the festive season. The party was organized and orchestrated by the students themselves, featuring captivating performances and innovative games, crafting another unforgettable chapter for the Highland family in 2023. The Christmas party kicked off amid laughter, as the talented students of Highland Academy of Canada took to the stage to add color to the festivities with their performances. From moving songs to impressive dubbing acts, the students displayed youthful energy and boundless creativity. The excellent performances earned waves of applause and cheers from both teachers and students. Following the performances, students and teachers participated in fun and challenging games together. A ping-pong ball tossing game highlighted the importance of teamwork; a message-relaying game tested the participants' ability to mimic voices and their memory; a yoga pose imitation game challenged everyone's concentration and balance. The game session was filled with laughter, with teachers and students eagerly participating and encouraging each other even in competition. The warmth of the holiday season enveloped every teacher and student present. Each moment of collaboration and interaction deepened our understanding and trust in each other; every laugh left us with fond memories. As 2024 approaches, we extend our sincerest wishes to all members of the Highland Academy of Canada family and their loved ones. We hope that everyone will have a prosperous and successful year in 2024!


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