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Highland Academy of Canada's 2023 Autumn Trip to the University of Toronto

Rowena Lin

September 22, 2023, marked the first off-campus practical day of the school year for Highland Academy of Canada. On this sunny and pleasant day, the school organized a visit for the students to the St. George campus of the University of Toronto to experience the rich academic atmosphere and cultural heritage of the University of Toronto. The University of Toronto is one of the top higher education institutions in Canada and globally. Its main campus, the St. George campus, was one of the earliest higher education institutions established in Upper Canada during the British colonial era, originally known as "King's College". Located in the heart of Toronto, the St. George campus of the University of Toronto is not enclosed by walls like the universities we are familiar with, where the campus and the community are clearly divided. Instead, here the campus intertwines with business districts and residential areas. During the tour, it is common to see professionals rushing by with a coffee in hand and residents walking their pets, creating a welcoming and diverse atmosphere that adds to the university's century-old charm and humanistic spirit. The students were divided into two groups, led by University of Toronto student guides Catherine and Josie. Their first stop was the library, a frequent study and preparation spot for the university's students. The tranquil environment and intense academic atmosphere calmed the students’ minds as well. The St. George campus of the University of Toronto comprises seven distinct colleges, each with its own unique features. The students listened attentively to the guides' explanations about the specialties of different colleges and actively asked various questions about the University of Toronto. Catherine and Josie enthusiastically answered all questions, and through their explanations, the students learned about the considerations for applying to different colleges, the possibilities of interdisciplinary studies, how to enrich their university life, and the support the university can provide in academics, life, and career prospects. The trip to the University of Toronto was highly rewarding. The detailed explanations and personal experiences shared by the student guides deepened the students' understanding of the University of Toronto and strengthened their aspirations toward this renowned institution. We hope that all students of Highland Academy of Canada will set their sights on world-renowned institutions like the University of Toronto, overcome the challenges and obstacles on their educational journey, and ultimately realize their dreams of entering their desired academic institutions.


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