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Vibrant University Life: Highland Academy of Canada Alumni Panel Discussion

Emily Tang

On the afternoon of April 26, 2024, Highland Academy of Canada hosted a unique panel discussion, welcoming back five alumni who shared their experiences at the University of Toronto. The discussion provided current students valuable insights into university life, application processes, and choosing the right major.

Both teachers and students at Highland Academy participated in this engaging session. The alumni detailed their academic and social life at the University of Toronto, covering a variety of topics such as learning methods, accommodation types, club activities, and academic challenges. They also provided advice on how to thoroughly research universities and majors before applying and discussed resources available for exploring fields of interest. The alumni emphasized the importance of early career planning and setting realistic goals for the future.

The sharing session sparked widespread interest among the students, who eagerly asked questions and interacted with the alumni, seeking practical advice and experiences. This discussion offered students a rare opportunity to hear firsthand experiences, which not only increased their enthusiasm for future university life but also highlighted the challenges they might face and the preparations they should undertake.

Highland Academy of Canada is committed to student development, tirelessly providing platforms for engagement with alumni and the broader community, thus supporting students in achieving academic and career success.


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