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2023 Autumn Trip to the University of Toronto

Rowena Lin

September 22, 2023, marked the first practical, off-campus school day of the year for Highland Academy of Canada. On this day, our school paid a visit to the St. George campus of the University of Toronto, for an exclusive look into the academic and cultural happenings of the campus.

The University of Toronto is considered to be one of the best educational institutions in not only Canada but the world as a whole. Its main campus, the St. George campus, was one of the earliest proper education institutions established in Upper Canada during the British colonial era, originally known as "King's College". Located in the heart of Toronto. The St. George campus is not enclosed by walls like the universities we are familiar with and as such does not have a clear divide between the campus and community areas. Instead, the campus intertwines with business districts and residential areas. Adding a bit of charm to all of this, we would also occasionally catch local employees rushing to work, often with a cup of coffee in hand, not to mention all the civilians walking their pets.

The students were divided into two groups, led by the University of Toronto's student guides; Catherine and Josie. Their first stop was the library, a spot frequented by students hoping to study or prepare for oncoming assignments. The atmosphere was tranquil and calm, yet somehow also bore an academic energy due to the many students working silently to make sure they were well prepared. The St. George campus comprises seven distinct colleges, each with its unique features. Catherine and Josie did their best to educate our students on the specialties of each, but even still they were bombarded with questions, and through their explanations our students gained notable insight into picking and choosing between colleges, interdisciplinary studies, general support for university life, and of course how universities can aid future prospects.

Our trip to the University of Toronto was truly an unforgettable experience and left our students with a surplus of bountiful knowledge. The trip outlined not only life at St George but college life at large, with the guide's thorough explanations leaving us with much more knowledge than we had originally.


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