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Step 1: Submit your completed application form together with the application fee and supporting documents.

You may complete the application online or send a copy of the print version by email to, or post to:

Highland Admissions Department, 

9600 Bathurst Street

Vaughan, Ontario L6A 3Z8 Canada


Please ensure you complete all sections of the form and include your application fee of $300 CAD payable by cheque (Canadian residents only), wire transfer, cash or credit card.

REMINDER: Please submit the following supporting documents by email, courier or post:

  1. Copies of report cards from the current school year and final records from previous two years. 

  2. Copy of valid passport 

  3. Scanned Passport sized photo of applicant

Step 2: Highland will process your application within 5 working days.

Once our Admissions team has had the opportunity to review your application, we will send you a pre-acceptance letter stating the grade you have been accepted for and any conditions of your acceptance.  You should submit the required tuition deposit stated in your pre-acceptance letter to reserve your seat in our school. Once you have paid the necessary fees which will be communicated in the pre-acceptance letter, a full letter of acceptance will be issued. If you purchased custodianship from Highland Academy, you will receive your custodianship letter as well as fee receipts. Students can then apply for their study permit at the nearest Canadian Embassy.

Step 3: Highland will provide the necessary assistance to facilitate a smooth transition to Canadian life.

You should inform our Admissions team as soon as possible once your study permit is approved so we can begin to prepare you for your departure for Canada. If you have purchased medical insurance, we will ensure your policy is purchased on your behalf and also send you your accommodation details ( if applicable). We offer airport pickup and drop off services for an additional cost of $150 CAD each way. We look forward to welcoming you to Highland Academy. 



Highland Admissions Department

1 (416) 819-9159 Phone

1 (905) 303-5912 Fax

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