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ESL Summer Camp 2020

The ESL Summer Camp will combine ESL with a "Discovering Ontario" program that will give campers a chance to get a taste of the energetic and lively city of Toronto while acquiring fundamental instruction in the English language. Campers will experience various unique programs, such as robotics and ceramics, offered in the modern campus of Highland Academy. Campers will also have the opportunity to experience the most popular Canadian summer outdoor activity- camping in Algonquin Provincial Park!


ESL Summer Camp price: $3,800 CAD (subject to change)


The camp fee will cover:

  • ESL Instruction

  • Accommodation

  • Food and travel

  • Insurance

  • All Group Activities


The camp fee does not cover:

  • Return air ticket

  • Sightseeing expenses outside group activity

  • Gifts and sundries (snacks, toiletries etc.)

A detailed itinerary is enclosed. Please note that activities are undertaken on a best effort basis and may be adjusted according to weather and other conditions. We are looking forward to welcoming you at Pearson Airport and we believe you will have a meaningful and unforgettable summer here at Highland Academy of Canada.

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