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Excels at the 2024 Waterloo Math Contest

Rowena Lin

This year marked a special milestone for Highland Academy of Canada, as we were granted the honor to participate in this year's team math contest, hosted by the University of Waterloo. On April 10th, under the watchful eye of Teacher Chern, head of the math research group, six gifted students were able to embark on an enriching journey in the form of a full day's worth of mathematical activities and team building exercises.

The event kicked off with an extensive tour of the University of Waterloo's campus. The team explored educational buildings, dormitories, and the vast library. The tour not only familiarized them with Waterloo's campus but also granted them insight into its vibrant academic and creative spirit. Shortly after a filling breakfast, the students creativity was put on full display as each team was tasked with crafting unique and imaginative banners, setting the stage for a day of friendly competition. A welcoming address by Professor Ian VanderBurgh sent an inspiring message for what was to come. He outlined the rigorous schedule the students would have to follow, encouraged collaborative spirit among the competitors, and expressed high hopes for everyone's success. The competitions were both thrilling and mentally taxing. Over three intense hours, the participants were forced to delve deep into their mathematical knowledge, accumulated through years of dedicated study. Their resolve was palpable as teams collaborated to tackle complex problems, demonstrating their extensive understanding and impressive problem-solving skills. One of the many standout moments of the day came in the form of a series of motivational talks by numerous esteemed guests, who provided innumerable insights into academic affairs and reinforced the students’ resolve to pursue scientific excellence. The event concluded with a delightful pizza dinner, offering participants a well-deserved break and some time to reflect on the day’s achievements and lessons, a perfect finish to a day filled with intellectual stimulation and camaraderie. The 2024 Waterloo Math Contest showcased the power of teamwork and collaboration. Although the event lasted only a day, it left a lasting impression on the participants—fueling their enthusiasm, fostering deeper connections, and creating memories that will inspire them for years to come. Highland Academy of Canada eagerly anticipates next year’s contest, ready to return with even greater vigor and passion.


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