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Tips for Applying to Rotman Commerce at the University of Toronto by Highland Academy of Canada

Coco Gao

Rotman Commerce is one of the most prestigious business programs in Canada, attracting students from all over the world. To boost your chances of acceptance, consider the following recommendations and strategies:

  1. Course Selection: Ensure you take 4U/M courses, focusing on maintaining high academic standards.

  2. Language Proficiency: Obtain your language scores as early as possible to meet English proficiency requirements.

  3. Supplementary Application:

    • Kira Platform: The application includes three written responses and two video questions. You must list two extracurricular activities, detailing the duration and any achievements.

    • Video Questions: Introduce yourself, discuss a passion, and explain what unique perspectives you will bring to the Rotman Commerce community. You'll also face personal and problem-solving questions, with 20 minutes to respond to each. The final video question may be personal or problem-solving, with 45 seconds to record after 30 seconds of preparation.

  4. Preparation Tips:

    • Start Early: Begin preparing your academic record and ensure you meet the English language requirements. Advanced-level courses and high scores can enhance your competitiveness.

    • Understand the Process: Regularly check the university’s official website for updates on the supplementary application process.

    • Focus on Personal and Problem-Solving Skills: For individual questions, convey your unique qualities. For problem-solving questions, articulate your opinions and arguments concisely.

    • Practice for Video Responses: Improve your verbal fluency and confidence. Reflect on the unique perspectives and experiences you can contribute to the community.

  5. Resume: Prepare a comprehensive resume highlighting your strengths, volunteer experiences, and achievements to enhance your responses on the Kira platform.

  6. Mock Interviews: Practice with mock interviews or use the Kira platform for rehearsal. Collect and practice with real questions from previous years to better prepare.

  7. Research: Deepen your knowledge about the program and the university to demonstrate your genuine interest. Familiarize yourself with the program’s values, objectives, and curriculum.

  8. Application Timing: Submit supplementary applications from mid-December to early January. For video responses, aim to finish two to three seconds before the countdown ends to avoid awkward silences.

  9. Interview Environment: Ensure the background is tidy and the setting is quiet. Dress appropriately, maintain eye contact, and smile to make a positive impression.

  10. Mindset: Starting can be daunting, so manage any nerves and focus on your application. Rather than worrying about the competition, prioritize maintaining your grades and enriching your personal and academic experiences.

By following these tips, you’ll be well-prepared to present a strong application to Rotman Commerce. Good luck!

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